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  • Cloud Computing is expected to generate trillions of dollars in revenues over the next few years.

  • Cloud computing skills are in high demand.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leader in Cloud Computing globally for 10 years.

  • As per the below links, the average base salary for an AWS Certified Solutions Architect is:

    • US$ ​110,663/year in the United States.
    • Rs. 649,093/year in India.


Simply, establishing your career in cloud computing is very rewarding and will continue for years to come. Being an AWS certified Pro will eventually be your gateway to financial stability and career success.


Why Become AWS Certified?

Why This Course?

Course Differentiators

  • The highest-rated SAA-C02 course on

  • Released JAN 4th, 2021; the most updated course.

  • 100% SAA-C02 exam compatibility.

  • 6.3 minutes average lecture length to ensure the highest engagement possible.

  • Learning by doing, the course is full of Hands-On Labs (HoLs) based on the new AWS console User Interface (UI).

  • Mid-course exam.

  • Two full-length timed exams with detailed explanations.

  • 30 design assignment lectures.

  • Is validated, this is an evolution of the older version 1 that has helped 1000s pass the SAA-C02 exam.

  • Top-notch video, audio, graphics, and animation used in the entire course

Who is this

Course for?

  • Certified AWS Cloud Practitioners who want to move to the next step in AWS certificates.

  • Professionals who need to re-certify their AWS Solutions Architect Associate credentials.

  • Technical professionals desiring to learn how to design solutions using AWS cloud services.

  • Developers who want to know the AWS platform in detail to facilitate their work.

  • Fresh IT aspirants and those looking for a career change including cloud computing.

  • IT professionals looking to gain AWS and cloud computing knowledge and certificates.

  • Managers and directors who want to ramp up their AWS cloud computing knowledge to better lead their teams.

  • Project and Program managers in charge of AWS cloud projects.

  • Anyone else curious to learn about AWS cloud computing.



  • Absolutely no prior AWS knowledge requirements; the course will teach you 100% of the exam scope and included services.

  • For developers and professionals who were not in IT or did not interact with Networking, IP addressing, Security..etc., A free 2 hours course including a high-level explanation of topics that will help facilitate deeper content understanding.

    • The course covers TCP/IP and IP Routing basics, NAT, PAT, Encryption, Digital Certificates, and much more topics.

    • The course will benefit you in your AWS, Azure, GCP, and your IT journey in general.

  • Details on how to get the free course are available in the introductory lectures in the course.

Think and Analyze the AWS Architect Way

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam SAA-C02 is 100% scenario-based. Moreover, AWS job interviews usually include a design assignment with requirements the candidate has to analyze and build an AWS solution to satisfy them.


To prepare you for the exam, interview, and job duties, the course incorporates 30 design assignment lectures (more than 12% of the total lectures count).


These assignments are developed to train you to utilize the AWS architect skills to read and analyze the requirements, visualize and build the perfect solution to satisfy these requirements.


These assignments will prepare you to ACE the exam and be very competitive in the AWS jobs' technical interviews and the actual job duties.



The course includes all the handouts for DolfinED's in-person AWS Certified Solutions Architect Bootcamp without the Bootcamp price tag.

The course handouts include:

  • 1000+ pages student study e-guide ($29.99 value).

  • 180 pages course lab guide in PDF format.

  • 980 pages student e-notebook where all slides are included with a half-page blank to simplify self-notes taking.

Study Planner and Progress Tracker

  • A study planner PDf file is included to ensure you are on track for the fastest completion path.

  • Moreover, this would help you get back on-track if/when you get distracted. 

  • You can use it as a progress tracker to mark your progress, which will serve as a self-motivation tool.

  • The planner study days are already marked on each lecture name, so you know your assigned study-day lectures precisely.

  • Pin the planner somewhere you can see every day, self-track your progress, or get back on-track if distracted.

Course Assessments

The course comes with:

  • More than 20 section-quizzes focused on testing the respective section.

  • A 30 questions mid-course exam, free form, where you can cement the knowledge gained or uncover and fill any gaps.

    • This is extremely important before proceeding to the next half of the course.

  • Two full-length timed exams that mimic the actual exam, each of which features:

    • 130 minutes exam duration.​

    • 65 questions each.

    • The ability to mark questions for review.

    • 72% pass mark.

 Scoring 85% in the two end-of-course exams indicates that you are a week or so away from being 100% ready to take the actual exam. 

Student Testimonials


"Highest Rated" AWS Course

  • This course is already validated. It is version 2 of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam course from DolfinED and is delivered by the same instructor.

  • Version 1 course has been the HIGHEST RATED on Udemy for years. We are building on proven and extremely successful content.

  • In less than a month, the course is rated the highest on Udemy, among more than 3900 offerings. It is currently rated at 4.9 out of 5. Please read the sample reviews below.


Simply, at DolfinED, we know what the students want, and this is what we deliver!

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  • 30 days money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

  • Due to several abuse incidents, this guarantee does not apply to those who go over the entire course or a good percentage of the content, then try to get a full refund.


        It is 100% Risk-free; you have nothing to lose but lots to gain if you enroll, 



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