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About the course

Cloud Computing is expected to generate trillions of dollars in revenues over the next few years. Companies are adopting the trend to cut costs and speed up the development and deployment of state-of-the-art applications. Therefore, cloud computing skills will continue to be in high demand. There is no better time than now to start your cloud career journey.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leader in Cloud Computing globally for ten years in a row.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification is the first step in gaining AWS knowledge and certification.

This self-paced video course is instructed by Eissa Abousherif, our renowned instructor with 26+ years of experience as a Cloud and Infrastructure Architect. He taught 100,000+ students from 170 countries both on-line and in class. Join Eissa in this exciting course, and rest assured that you get the foundations right.

The course has been carefully designed to teach you everything you need to ACE the exam and be prepared for the next step in the path; the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate or the AWS Certified Developer Associate certificates.

By completing this course, you will gain excellent high-level knowledge of essential AWS services such as EC2, VPC, IAM, RDS, ELB, Auto Scaling, EBS, and much more. Moreover, you will gain the confidence you need to sit for the exam and the foundation you need to further.

The course comes with an E-Study guide and a hands-on lab guide that you can use for study and in doing the labs.

Establishing your career in cloud computing is very rewarding and will continue for years to come. Being an AWS certified professional will eventually become a gateway to financial stability and career success.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course

    • A message from the instructor

    • Before we begin...

    • Quick Platform Introduction

    • Understanding Content Flow

    • Suggested Study Plan for Best Outcomes

    • TCP/IP and Cloud Fundamentals Free Course

  • 2

    Course Resources Download

    • E-Book PDF file

  • 3

    Introduction to IT and Cloud Computing

  • 4

    Introduction to AWS Services Part I

  • 5

    Introduction to AWS Services Part II

    • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) 101

    • Creating the first EC2 instance & Using Secure Shell (SSH) to connect to a Linux EC2 instance

    • Using Putty to connect to a Windows EC2 instance using SSH

    • Private vs. Public vs. Elastic IP Addresses & Network Address Translation (NAT) in a VPC

    • Hands-On Lab : Private vs. Public vs. Elastic IP addresses in a VPC

    • Understating VPC Security Groups

    • Understanding Network Access Control Lists (NACLs)

    • Hands-On Lab : Network Access Control Lists (NACLs)

    • Encryption 101

    • AWS Key Management Service (KMS) 101

    • Hands-On Lab : Using AWS KMS to encrypt EBS volumes

    • AWS Simple Storage Servie (S3) 101

    • Hands-On Lab : AWS S3 Console Walkthrough & Creating an S3 Bucket

    • Programmatic Access to AWS Services using IAM Access Keys & Hands On Lab

    • AWS IAM - Elements and Policies & Hands-On Labs

    • IAM Roles & Hands-On Lab

    • Introduction to AWS Messaging and Notification Services

    • Amazon CloudFront (Content Delivery Network - CDN) 101

    • Amazon Route 53 101 - The AWS Domain Name Service (DNS)

    • Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) 101 & Hands-On Lab

    • Section Quiz - Introduction to AWS Service Part II

  • 6

    Architecture Pillars

    • High Availability, Fault Tolerance, Elasticity and Auto Scaling

    • Monitoring and Visibility - Amazon CloudWatch 101

    • Auditing in AWS - Amazon CloudTrail

    • Hands-On Lab : Amazon CloudTrail

    • Introduction to Disaster Recover (DR) on AWS

    • AWS Shared Responsibility Model

    • Section Quiz - Key Architecture Pillars

  • 7

    Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

    • NAT Instance and NAT Gateway

    • Hands-On Lab : NAT Instance and NAT Gateway

    • VPC Peering and Transit Gateway

    • Hands-On Lab : VPC Peering and Transit Gateway

    • VPC Endpoints

    • VPC Flowlogs & Hands-On Lab

    • Section Quiz - VPC

  • 8

    Compute on AWS

    • Section Outline and EC2 Instance User Data and Meta Data

    • Hands-On Lab : Instance User Data and Metadata

    • EC2 Purchasing/Launch Options and Hands-On Lab

    • EC2 Placement Groups

    • Elastic Block Store (EBS) and Instance-Store and Hands-On Lab

    • EBS Snapshots (Backups)

    • Hands-On Lab : EBS Snapshots

    • AWS Batch

    • EC2 Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

    • AWS Outposts

    • Amazon Lightsail

    • Section Quiz - Compute on AWS

  • 9

    Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) and Auto Scaling (AS)

    • Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)

    • Hands-On Lab : Elastic Load Balancing

    • Auto Scaling (AS)

    • Hands-On Lab : Auto Scaling

    • Section Quiz - ELB and Auto Scaling

  • 10

    Databases in AWS (Relational and NoSQL DBs)

    • Relational Database Service (RDS)

    • Hands-On Lab : Amazon RDS Snapshots and Backup

    • Amazon Aurora

    • Amazon Redshift - The Analytical Relational DB in AWS

    • NoSQL Databases in AWS - DynamoDB

    • NoSQL Databases in AWS - ElastiCache In-memory Cache

    • NoSQL Databases in AWS - DocumentDB and Neptune (Graph) Databases

    • Section Quiz - Database Services in AWS

  • 11

    Mid-Course Assessment

    • Mid Course Exam

    • Mid Course Assessment

  • 12

    Simple Storage Service (S3)

    • S3 Storage Classes and Lifecycle policies

    • Hands-On Lab : S3 Storage Classes and Lifecycle Policies

    • S3 Features : Bucket Versioning and Cross Region (and Same Region) Replication

    • Hands-On Lab : Bucket Versioning and SRR/CRR

    • S3 Transfer Acceleration

    • S3 Access Management Using Bucket Policies

    • Section Quiz - S3

  • 13

    Content Networking (CloudFront, Route 53, Global Accelerator)

    • CloudFront

    • Route 53

    • Hands-On Lab : Route 53

    • Hands-On Lab : Route 53 Simple Routing

    • Global Accelerator

    • Hands-On Lab : AWS Global Accelerator

    • Section Quiz - CloudFront, Route 53, and Global Accelerator

  • 14

    Serverless Computing in AWS

    • Amazon Lambda

    • Hands-On Lab : Amazon Lambda

    • API Gateway

    • Section Quiz - Serverless Computing in AWS

  • 15

    Storage Services

    • Elastic File System (EFS)

    • Amazon Storage Gateway

    • Snow Family

    • AWS Backup

    • AWS DataSync

    • Section Quiz - AWS Storage Services

  • 16

    Containers in AWS

    • Container Services in AWS

    • Hands-On Lab : Building and Docker Image and Pushing it into AWS Elastic Container Registery

    • Section Quiz - Container Services in AWS

  • 17

    Notifications, Application Integration, and Messaging Services in AWS

    • Simple Queue Service (SQS) - Revisited

    • Hands-On Lab : SQS

    • Simple Notification Service (SNS) - Revisited

    • Hands-On Lab : SNS

    • Step Functions

    • AWS Simple Email Service (SES)

    • Section Quiz - Notification, Messaging, and Application Integration in AWS

  • 18

    Management, Monitoring, and Auditing

    • CloudWatch and CloudWatch Alarms

    • Hands-On Lab : CloudWatch Alarms

    • CloudWatch Logs

    • Hands-On lab : CloudWatch Logs

    • CloudWatch Events and EventBridge

    • Personal Health Dashboard and AWS Service Health Dashboard

    • Section Quiz - Management, Monitoring and Auditing Services in AWS

  • 19

    Governance, Deployment, Automation, and Operations in AWS

    • AWS Organizations

    • AWS Control Tower

    • AWS CloudFormation

    • AWS Elastic Beanstalk

    • AWS OpsWorks

    • AWS Systems Manager (SSM)

    • AWS Secrets Manager

    • AWS Config

    • AWS Trusted Advisor

    • Section Quiz - Governance, Deployment, Automation and Operations in AWS

  • 20

    Security, Identity and Compliance Services in AWS

    • AWS CloudHSM (Hardware Security Module)

    • AWS Shield

    • Hands-On Lab : AWS Shield

    • AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)

    • Hands-On Lab : AWS WAF

    • Amazon GuardDuty

    • Amazon Detective

    • Amazon Inspector

    • Amazon Macie

    • AWS Directory Services

    • Amazon Cognito

    • AWS Single Sign-On (SSO)

    • AWS Artifact

    • AWS Security Hub

    • AWS Certificate Manager (ACM)

    • AWS Firewall Manager

    • AWS Security - Additional Features and Testing

    • Section Quiz - Security, Identity, and Compliance Services in AWS

  • 21

    Analytics Services

    • AWS Analytics Services - Elastic Map Reduce (EMR)

    • Amazon Athena

    • Hands-On Lab : Amazon Athena

    • Amazon Glue

    • Amazon Kinesis

    • Amazon QuickSight

    • AWS Data Pipeline

    • Section Quiz - Analytics Services in AWS

  • 22

    Front End Web and Mobile Services

    • Amazon AppSync

    • Amazon Device Farm

    • Amazon Amplify

    • Amazon Pinpoint

  • 23

    AWS Billing and Cost Management

    • AWS Budgets

    • Cost Explorer

    • Cost Management in AWS

    • Pricing Tools in AWS

  • 24

    Machine Learning

    • Amazon Forecast

    • Amazon Comprehend

    • Amazon Sagemaker

    • Amazon Rekognition

    • Amazon Polly

    • Amazon Lex

    • Amazon Transcribe

    • Amazon Translate

  • 25

    CI / CD Services

    • AWS Continuous Integration (CI) Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CD)

  • 26

    AWS Support

    • AWS Support Plans and Professional Services Help

  • 27

    Additional Services

    • Section Introduction and Outline

    • Amazon Connect

    • Amazon Alexa

    • Amazon ElasticSearch

    • AWS X-RAY

    • AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)

    • Application Discovery Service

    • AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM)

    • AWS Ground Station

    • Amazon AppStream 2.0

    • Amazon Lumberyard

  • 28

    Exam Preparation

    • Coming soon

  • 29

    Next Steps . . .

    • Coming soon


Eissa Abousherif

Founder, Training and Content Development Lead @ DolfinED

A passionate cloud infrastructure architect with 26+ years of experience, holding many industry certificates from top vendors including AWS and Cisco, to name a few. During his career, Eissa led pre-sales and post-sales activities for projects of USD 250M+ in Total Contract Value (TCV) across multiple industry verticals. Eissa brings all his experience and passion for sharing knowledge and enabling others to prosper and reach their goals, which were the seed for DolfinED. Eissa has authored the highest-rated AWS courses on the internet, both at the associate and professional levels. Moreover, he trained 100,000+ learners around the globe both online and in class. Now it is your turn to learn with Eissa and become a Cloud Pro.


“Great course. I love the way it is designed, delivered. I learned a lot.”

Iftekhar A.

“The best trainer and the best training material! Great job!”

Dawit K.

“Very good course. I really like it and will definitely keep learning with DolfinED.”

Meerim O.

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