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You can pay in one payment and save, or pay in equal monthly installments and get the same Lifetime Access privilege.

If you are interested in having LIFETIME ACCESS to all current and planned DolfinED courses (AWS, Azure, GCP, and DevOps), create an account (free) on, then write an email to with your intention to migrate. Include in the email your email ID used to create the account, your current ID (the username used on Udemy, not the email), DolfinED courses you are enrolled in on (for verification purposes). 

In parallel, we will need to confirm your enrollment in DolfinED courses on, 

You can do this in one o two ways:

  • Send us a PM (private message) on Udemy or
  • Post a question in any paid course’s Q&A forum on Udemy stating “my enrollment in this course.”

Within 24-48 hours from the time we get this email, you will be sent a coupon code to redeem the discount for the Basic Zero to Pro plan membership. 

Upon checkout, by using the provided code, you will be able to get lifetime access to all current and future content (AWS, Azure, GCP, DevOps) in that plan. 

ACT FAST; this is a Limited-time special promotion exclusive for DolfinED's learners on which will not last long.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let's help you make the right decision for this once-in-a-lifetime offer

  • Will the DolfinED courses on be supported/updated after 2021?

    No, we will cease our support on after 2021. However, this offer is designed to help you protect the investment you made in buying our courses on Udemy. We are offering a special discount to compensate you for your investment made. We want to keep you as one of our loyal learners for a lifetime.

  • Why should I migrate if I have already finished my exams and DolfinED courses on Udemy?

    How about your upcoming re-certification? Moreover, the planned content on is far more than that on in 2022 itself, this lifetime access will have way more AWS certification exams' content, Azure, and GCP hot certificates. In addition, it will also have highly in-demand DevOps certification courses.

  • Which other courses are planned for the near future?

    In addition to the existing AWS certification courses (Cloud Practitioner, Solutions Architect Associate, and Professional), AWS Developer Associate will be added by October 30th, 2021. SysOps Administrator Associate, DevOps Engineer Professional, and Specialty Courses will follow in Q1/2 2022. Each published course will have its own practice tests, e-Book, and exam reviewer course; this will enable you to study on one coherent platform instead of jumping between different courses/instructors/platforms. We will also add DevOps (Docker, Linux, Python, Kubernetes, and more), Azure, and GCP content in 2022.

  • Is this offer available all the time for DolfinED learners on Udemy?

    No, this is a limited-time exclusive offer to our loyal learners on only who will grab this offer quickly. Therefore, we strongly advise you to “ACT FAST” before it expires.

  • Can I wait until all planned content is added first?

    Yes, you definitely can. However, we cannot guarantee the availability of such an aggressively discounted price then. We plan on increasing the price as we add new content and get closer to our planned goals. Grab the offer now, and rest assured this will be "THE BEST" Investment in your Multi Cloud and DevOps career.

  • Will I lose my access to if I choose to take advantage of this promotion?

    No, you will maintain your access (However, the content on will not be supported/updated after 2021). In addition, you will get Lifetime access on

  • I can’t pay in one payment due to personal budget limitations; what can I do?

    You can take advantage of the equal monthly payments option and get the same lifetime access.

  • I want to avail this discount, what should I do next?

    Send an email to, indicate your intent to migrate and take advantage of this offer. Our support team will guide you through the easy process to get the coupon code.

  • I have more questions; where can I get answers?

    You can email us at; we will be more than happy to help.


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