Cloud Computing and DevOps signify far more than just IT jobs or the adoption of a new technology

They represent the doorway to modern IT practices, fostering agility, creating laser-focused IT teams, and paving the way for lucrative career opportunities worldwide. Whether you require an assessment, build or train your team, establish a career, or transform your IT leveraging Cloud and DevOps, we are here to help

Select from a self-study option or join our live bootcamps to master AWS Cloud and Azure Cloud, as well as DevOps Engineering and Site Reliability Engineering

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    • 14 modules + a roadmap (included)

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Why DolfinED?

  • Expert Instructors

    Stay engaged during the process with our Industry-Expert instructors

  • Self-Paced and Live Bootcamps

    Choose the learning method that suits your learning needs, busy schedules, and budget

  • Roadmap and Learning Paths

    We did the heavy lifting for you. Through carefully designed courses and programs keeping in mind pre-defined roadmaps, we will save you a lot of time and enable you to reach your learning goals faster

  • Learn By Doing

    Hundreds of hands-on labs, demos, design assignments, quizzes, and capstone projects to gain the required hands-on experience and showcase your skills to your potential employers.

  • Drip Schedule

    Many of our learners like to be accountable for a certain amount of learning every week. This makes it easier to track progress. We have that option too embedded in our career programs.

  • Program Community

    Collaborate with all the others enrollees. Study, progress, support, and succeed together. Moderated community group with different spaces for the different courses.

  • Course and Program Completion Certificates

    Showcase your achievement by obtaining individual course or program completion certificates.

  • Flexible Payments and Cancellation

    Pay all at once and save, or choose to split the costs over equal monthly payments. Cancel anytime.

  • Career-Centered Content

    Continuous search and analysis of the highly in-demand skills to ensure our content is always updated and 100% relevant in the marketplace

Why Cloud Computing?

The Global cloud computing market is forecasted to grow to US$1.5 Trillion by 2030 at a 15.7% CAGR (~US$120B every year)

Higher global adoption means higher revenues and more demand on qualified Cloud professionals. Invest in a career that is forecasted to grow over the years. Get started now.

Why DevOps?

Very high automation adoption, DevOps global market is forecasted to grow to US$30 BN by 2028 at a CAGR of 20%+ every year.

The rise of software applications and the need to release new features daily together with the rising adoption of micro-services drove the demand for DevOps professionals higher. Join our Cloud and DevOps program and become the highly sought-after DevOps professional the world is looking for

Cloud and DevOps Engineer Salaries are among the highest IT Salaries globally. Salaries range from US$119K-US$165K in the USA (source:

Our annual memberships and program fees are a fraction of what the average salaries are. This is true in the USA, Germany, UK, France, Australia, India, Gulf region, or anywhere else in the world. Achieve the highest Return On Investment (ROI). Start your Multi-Cloud and DevOps career journey today.

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Program and Individual Course Completion Certificates

Completing learning paths or MultiCloud and DevOps Programs prepares you for the next promotion or a new job and enables your profile to stand out among peers and during interviews. Showcase your achievements using course and program completion certificates.

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“This course was great it fills in the missing parts that other courses miss. Well worth the time and money spent.”


“A few years back at the end of 2019 I started watching an 86 hour course by Eissa that went into detail about solution architecture for the solution associate AWS exam. I remember Eissa saying that a common complaint was that he covered too much content that wouldn’t be needed on the associate exam. I would like to say not only did I learn a great deal from the dense content that 86 hours included, I watched the series twice to get second take with my notes. Your course was influential on my preparation for AWS and now I have become adept enough to have a dream role where I am learning and growing in a robust environment. I had a background running Banking SaaS Operations and after learning AWS from your course landed a role running the Cloud Operations. I am only 25 and I have a lot to learn but I help the teams each day with their AWS needs and your teachings helped me understand best practices and what to do and have given me the confidence and composure to work with them at a high level. I appreciate all the work you do and thank you for helping young professionals like me make a difference in the world”

Mitchel B.

“I attended the AWS CLOUD PRACTITIONER and AWS Solutions Architect Associate courses. The courses content are well prepared, the instructor has a very deep experience and understanding for content and technology. The course was more than enough for exam, the training labs and exercise are good experience. Thanks,”

Mahmoud E

“I was fortunate to stumble upon coach Eissa's Multi-cloud & DevOps career coaching video on LinkedIn. Immediately connected with him and joined DolfinEd's AWS Solutions Architect Associate instructor-led boot camp training. Highlights of the session were: 1. Detailed content on every AWS services 2. Good fundamental course on understanding the basics of AWS and Networking 3. Industry experience and background of coach Eissa 4. Solution design walkthroughs As a result, passed out my first AWS certification - SAA-02. Subscribed to DolfinEd's Silver annual membership and looking forward to attend Solutions Architect Professional boot camp. I am satisfied with efforts of DolfinEd's team and their support. Best wishes to you all !!”

Zuber K

“The best trainer and the best training material! Great job!”

Dawit K.

“Thank you for creating such an amazing course.”

David C.

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