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About the Bootcamp

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional (CSA Professional) is the hardest AWS  certificate that every AWS professional should seek. Obtaining this certificate is evidence of your AWS Solutions Architect advanced skills. It also demonstrates that you can design complex AWS solutions using a multitude of AWS services both in Cloud-native and Hybrid solutions. During this Bootcamp, you will also learn how to re-design and optimize existing solutions leveraging the in-depth knowledge you will acquire throughout this Bootcamp.

This Bootcamp is based on the highest rated DolfinED's CSA Professional course that is proven. It has helped thousands of professionals pass their CSA professional exam and become among the elite that possesses this prestigious title. 

The Bootcamp content has been carefully designed to teach you everything you need to ACE the CSA Professional exam and be prepared for the next step in the cloud path or the AWS specialty certificates.

This Bootcamp will teach you what you need to pass the exam and give you the depth of understanding and skills that you need to succeed in your technical interviews and on the job.

Included, you get unlimited Bootcamp retakes during your active membership period.

This Bootcamp is instructed by Eissa Abousherif, our renowned instructor with 26+ years of experience as a cloud and Infrastructure architect and a senior instructor. Eissa taught over 100,000 students from more than 170 countries both on-line and in class. Join Eissa in this Bootcamp, and rest assured that you will get the AWS advanced knowledge and hands-on right.

By completing this Bootcamp, you will gain an excellent, in-depth knowledge of AWS services such as EC2, VPC, IAM, RDS, ELB, Auto Scaling, EBS, Serverless, Security, Analytics, Application Integration, Advanced networking, and much more. Moreover, you will gain the confidence you need to sit for the exam and the knowledge you need to pass your technical interviews and continue further in your AWS career.

The Bootcamp comes with an E-Study guide and a hands-on lab guide that you can use for study and in doing the labs.



Although there is no pre-requisite AWS knowledge to attend this Bootcamp, it is highly recommended to have the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate knowledge minimum for maximum benefits.



  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • NEW ONE REQUIRED - Sec 1 Lect 1 Introduction

    • Suggested Study Plan

    • Getting Organized - Course and Platform Details

  • 2

    Pre-Class Assessment

    • Introduction To The Assessment Exam

    • Course Resources Download

  • 3

    Designing AWS Solutions for High Availability and Business Continuity

    • CHECK - Section Outline

    • HA and Business Continuity Architecture Considerations on AWS

    • Fault Tolerance - AMI and EBS

    • Fault Tolerance - Auto Scaling and ELB

    • Fault Tolerance - Regions and Availability Zones

    • Fault Tolerance - S3 and RDS

    • Introduction to Disaster Recovery (DR) on AWS

    • DR - Storage Gateway - AWS Import/Export - VM Import/Export

    • DR - Networking & Database

    • DR Strategies and Approaches on AWS - Introduction

    • DR Strategy/Approach - Pilot Light

    • DR Strategies and Approaches - Backup and Restore

    • DR Strategy/Approach - Warm Standby

    • DR Strategy / Approach - Multi Site

    • Data Replication and Self Healing on AWS

    • Section Quiz

  • 4

    Designing for Organizational Complexity and Cost Control

    • Section Outline

    • Billing and Cost Management in AWS

    • Cost Explorer and AWS Budgets

    • Consolidated Billing

    • Billing Alerts, SNS notifications, and Billing Scenarios

    • Tags, Cost Allocation Tags, and Resource Groups

    • Cost Optimization Strategies on AWS

    • Cost Optimization on AWS - EC2 Purchase Options

    • AWS Organizations - Covered Topics

    • AWS Organizations - Introduction

    • AWS Organizations - Components

    • AWS Organizations - Features

    • AWS Organizations - Feature Sets (Modes of Operations)

    • Hands-On Lab - AWS Organizations

    • AWS Organizations - Integration with other AWS Services

    • AWS Organizations - Best Practice

  • 5

    Deployment and Operations Monitoring and Management

    • CloudFormation - Introduction

    • CloudFormation - Template Components

    • CloudFormation- Intrinsic Functions and Resource Attributes

    • Hands On Labs - Creating a CF Stack, Updating a Stack, and Stack Change Sets

    • CloudFormation - Sample Templates and Deletion Policy Resource Attribute

    • CloudFormation - Nested Stacks, Stack Cross Reference, Best Practices, Logging

    • CloudFormation StackSets

    • AWS OpsWorks - Introduction

    • AWS OpsWorks Components - Stacks and Layers

    • AWS OpsWorks Components - The Instance

    • AWS OpsWorks - Apps, Resource Management, IP addresses, and IAM

    • AWS OpsWorks - Integrating Elastic Load Balancers, Monitoring and best practices

    • Amazon Elastic BeanStalk - Introduction

    • AWS Elastic Beanstalk - Concepts and Components

    • AWS Elastic BeanStalk - Web App Containers and Web Server Tier example

    • AWS Elastic BeanStalk - Custom Platforms and Custom AMIs

    • AWS Elastic BeanStalk - Docker Containers on EB

    • AWS Elastic BeanStalk - Integration of EB with S3, EFS, RDS, and DynamoDB

    • AWS Elastic BeanStalk - Monitoing, Logging and Patterns:Anti-Patterns

    • AWS CloudWatch - The Why!

    • Amazon CloudWatch - How it works & Concepts

    • Amazon CloudWatch Alarms

    • Hands On Labs - CloudWatch Alarms

    • CloudWatch Logs - Introduction and Concepts

    • CloudWatch Logs Insights, CW and CloudTrail, EC2, S3 and ElasticSearch

    • Hands On Labs - CloudWatch Logs with VPC FlowLogs and CloudWatch Alarms

    • AWS CloudWatch Logs - CW Agent, Real Time Processing, and Cross Account Logging

    • AWS CloudWatch Events

    • Hands On Labs - CloudWatch Events

    • CloudWatch ServiceLens and Synthetics

    • Amazon EventBridge

    • AWS Config

    • AWS Config - Delivery Options, Rules, and Integration with SNS

    • AWS Config - Multi Account Multi Region Aggregation , Querying and Monitoring

    • AWS Service Catalog - How it works and its components

    • AWS Service Catalog - Scope, Permissions, Constraints & Sharing across accounts

    • AWS Systems Manager - Introduction

    • AWS Systems Manager Capabilities - Resource Groups, Insights, Inventory Manager

    • AWS Systems Manager Capabilities - Actions - Automation & RUN Command

    • AWS Systems Manager Actions - State, Session, Patch Managers, Distributor

    • AWS Systems Manager - Shared Resources, Use Cases, and Pricing

    • AWS Parameter Store

    • Trusted Advisor

  • 6

    Designing Networks on AWS for Complex Organizations and Hybrid Architectures

    • Virtual Private Cloud - VPC Refresher

    • AWS VPC - Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

    • AWS VPC - Direct Connect (DX)

    • AWS VPC - Direct Connect - Routing Deep Dive

    • AWS Direct Connect - Routing Control using BGP Communities

    • Hybrid Cloud Connectivity - Route Priority and Traffic forwarding

    • Hybrid Connectivity Use Cases : Scenarios

    • AWS Direct Connect Gateway

    • Direct Connect - Direct Connect Gateway Current Limits

    • AWS VPC - VPC Peering

    • AWS VPC - Transit Gateway

    • AWS VPC- Enhanced Networking & Placement Groups [For High Performance Computing]

    • AWS EC2 - NAT Instance vs NAT Gateway & Bastion Hosts

    • AWS EC2 - ENI and Fixed MAC Address - Elastic IP failover techniques

    • AWS VPC - VPC Endpoints - Gateway Endpoint

    • AWS VPC - Hands On Lab - Gateway Endpoint

    • AWS VPC - Interface VPC Endpoint

    • AWS VPC - Hands-On Lab - Interface Endpoint

    • AWS VPC - VPC FlowLogs and DHCP Option Sets

  • 7

    AWS Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) Service

    • ELB Target Groups Listeners and Health Checks

    • Hands-On Lab : ELB Target Groups

    • ELB Cross Zone Load Balancing & Subnet Design HA

    • ELB Security Groups

    • ELB and SSL Certificates

    • ELB Client IP Monitoring Scaling and PFS n HoL

    • Hands-On Lab : ELB & Client IP address

    • Application Load Balancer : Specific Features

    • Network Load Balancer : Specific Features & Endpoint Services

  • 8

    Domain Name Service (Route 53) & Content Distribution Networks (CloudFront) & Global Accelerator

    • CloudFront Deeper Dive

    • CloudFront Additional Features

    • CloudFront - Viewer Policy

    • CloudFront HoL

    • CloudFront Alternate Domain Names and Time To Live (TTL)

    • Route53

    • Route53 Lab Setup and Alias and Simple Routing HoL1

    • Alias Record and Simple Routing

    • Failover and Latency Routing HoL

    • Complex/Nested Routing Policies

    • Route53 Routing Policies (cont) R53 Resolver

    • Weighted Geolocation Multi Value Routing HoL

    • Global Accelerator

    • Global Accelerator HoL

    • Hands-On Lab : Route53 Resolver

    • Route53 Resolver (cont.)

  • 9

    Compute Services in AWS

    • Auto Scaling - Refresher

    • Auto Scaling - Launch templates Scaling Policies

    • Hands-On Lab : Auto Scaling - Launch Templates Scaling Policies

    • Auto Scaling - Life Cycle Hooks Timers Termination Policy

    • Hands-On Lab : AS Manual Scaling

    • Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)

    • Hands-On Lab : Building a Docker Image and Pushing to ECR

    • ECS Other Features

    • Hands-On Lab : ECS and ALB

    • Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

    • AWS Lambda Refresher

    • Hands-On Lab : Lambda

    • Lambda Custom Runtimes and Lambda Layers

    • AWS Lambda Scaling, Versioning, and Aliases

    • Lambda@Edge

    • Amazon API Gateway

    • API Gateway - Method Requests and Backend Integration Explained

    • Hands-On Lab : API Gateway

    • API Gateway Scaling, Caching, and Throttling

    • API Gateway - CORS and Monitoring

    • API Gateway - Controlling Access to APIs

    • API Gateway - Using X-Ray for Troubleshooting

    • AWS Serverless Application Model

    • AWS SAM - Templates, Resources, Using AWS SAM, and Access Control to APIs

    • AWS SAM - Automating Deployments, Working with Logs, Serverless App Repository

    • AWS Batch

    • AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM) - A Simple and Secure Way to Sharing Resources in AWS.

  • 10

    Relational Database Services in AWS

    • Multi AZ and Backups

    • Hands-On Lab : Amazon RDS Database

    • Scaling Read Replicas Snapshot operations and Security

    • Hands-On Lab : Scaling, Read Replicas, Snapshot Operations, and Security

    • Amazon Aurora

    • Hands-On Lab : Amazon Aurora

    • Amazon Aurora Cloning, Parallel Query, and Monitoring

    • Amazon Aurora Serverless

    • Amazon Redshift

  • 11

    NoSQL Databases in AWS

    • NoSQL DB DynamoDB

    • Hands-On Lab : DynamoDB

    • DynamoDB Features

    • DynamoDB Partitions

    • DynamoDB Partition and Composite Keys, Scan and Query Operations

    • Amazon DynamoDB - Example on Partition Key design, Query:Scan Operations

    • Hands On Labs - Creating a DynamoDB SImple Key table and Global Tables

    • Amazon DynamoDB - Local and Global Secondary Indexes

    • Amazon DynamoDB - Indexing and Secondary Indexes

    • Hands On Labs - Creating a DynamoDB SImple Key table and Global Tables

    • DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) - Detailed

    • DynamoDB Transactions

    • DynamoDB - Storing Large Items & Sparse Indexes

    • Amazon ElastiCache

    • Amazon DocumentDB and Amazon Neptune

  • 12

    Storage Services in AWS

    • S3 Data consistency Storage Classes and Lifecycle policies

    • Hands-On Lab : S3 Storage Classes and Lifecycle Policies

    • S3 Server Side Encryption (SSE) and MultiPart upload

    • Hands-On Lab : S3 Server Side Encryption and Copy Objects

    • S3 Versioning and CRR SRR

    • Hands-On Lab : Versioning and CRR SRR

    • S3 Object Lock

    • S3 Static Website Hosting and HoL

    • S3 Pre Signed URLs Tr Acc Requester Pays

    • Hands-On Lab : Pre Signed URLs Tr Acc Requester Pays

    • S3 Access Control

    • Hands-On Lab : S3 Bucket Policies

    • S3 CORS Batch Operations Billing

    • S3 and Glacier SELECT n Perf Considerations Transfer Family

    • S3 Monitoring Notification and Server Access Logs

    • EBS and its types

    • EBS Snapshots Encryption Copying Sharing

    • EBS HoL Snapshots Encryption Copying Sharing

    • Sharing Copying EC2 AMI

    • RAID and AWS Batch

    • Elastic File System (EFS) - Refresher

    • AWS Elastic File System - EFS - On Premise Servers, Use Cases, and Storage Classes

    • Hands-On Lab : EFS

    • AWS Elastic File System - EFS - Data Encryption, Backup, Monitoring

    • AWS EFS - Data Consistency, Performance, and Throughput

    • AWS FSx for Windows File Server - Introduction, Deployment Options & Encryption

    • Amazon FSx - Data Protection, Backup:Restore, Access, Monitoring and Security

    • Hands On Labs - Amazon FSx for Windows File Server

    • Amazon FSx for Lustre

    • Amazon EFS vs FSx for Windows vs FSx for Lustre

    • Hands On labs - Amazon FSx for Lustre

  • 13

    Analytics and Internet of Things (IoT)

    • Amazon Redshift Spectrum

    • Amazon Athena

    • Hands-On Lab : Amazon Athena

    • Elastic Map Reduce (EMR)

    • AWS Glue

    • Hands-On Lab : AWS Glue

    • AWS Glue - Use Cases, Patterns and Anti-Patterns

    • KInesis Data Streams

    • Hands-On Lab : Kinesis Data Streams

    • KInesis Data Firehose and Analytics

    • Hands-On Lab : Kinesis Data Firehose

    • Amazon QuickSight

    • AWS Data Pipeline

    • Data Pipeline - Detailed

    • AWS Data Pipeline - Use Cases

    • Kinesis Video Streams

    • Kinesis Video Streams APIs and Playback

    • Amazon ElastiCache Service

    • AppSync

  • 14

    Application Integration and Notification Services in AWS

    • Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)

    • Hands-On Lab - SQS

    • Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)

    • Hands-On Lab : SNS

    • Amazon MQ

    • Amazon Step Functions

    • Step Functions - Use Cases

  • 15

    AWS Identity, Encryption, and Compliance Services

    • Identity-based policies

    • Hands-On Lab : Identity-based policies

    • STS and IAM Roles

    • Hands-On Lab : AssumeRole and IAM Roles

    • AssumeRole With External ID

    • STS - Deep Dive

    • Web ID Federation - Using AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity API

    • Enterprise ID Federation Using SAML 2.0

    • Single Sign-On using SAML 2.0 and GetFederationToken

    • Amazon Cognito

    • AWS Directory Services

    • AWS Single Sign-On

    • KMS CMKs and Data (Encryption) Keys - Refresher

    • S3 SSE - Refresher

    • Cloud HSM

    • Resource Based Policies, Permissions Boundary, and Policy Evaluation Logic

    • Hands-On Lab : Resource Based Policies, Permissions Boundary, and Policy Evaluation Logic

    • CloudTrail

    • CloudTrail - Event Types and Server Side Encryption of logs

    • CloudTrail - Logging Use Cases

    • CloudTrail Integration with SNS and CloudWatch & VPC Endpoints

    • CloudTrail Log Integrity Validation

  • 16

    AWS Security Services - Additional Means To Protect Your Environment On AWS

    • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks - Introduction

    • DDoS Examples - UDP and TCP DDoS Attacks

    • DDoS Mitigation Techniques

    • AWS Shield

    • AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)

    • WAF Attack Examples - Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection

    • WAF Web ACLs - Detailed

    • Sec 18 Lec 6 AWS WAF HoL

    • Amazon GuardDuty

    • Amazon Inspector

    • Amazon Macie

  • 17

    End User Computing

    • Amazon Elastic Transcoder

    • Amazon WorkDocs

    • Amazon WorkSpaces

  • 18

    Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery & Continuous Deployment (CD) in AWS

    • CI CD Introduction

    • CodeBuild

    • CodeDeploy

    • CodePipeline

    • CI CD Use Cases

  • 19

    AWS Machine Learning Services

    • Amazon Rekognition

    • Amazon Rekognition - Supported Operations

  • 20

    Hybrid Cloud and Data Migration Services in AWS

    • AWS Application Discovery Service

    • Storage Gateway - Presenting S3 as a Backup or Block Storage Solution for On-Premises Servers

    • Hands-On Lab : Storage Gateway

    • Snow Family

    • Hands-On Lab : Snow Family

    • Snow Family Services - Detailed

    • AWS DataSync and AWS Backup

    • AWS Migration Hub

    • Server Migration Service (SMS)

    • Server Migration Service (SMS) - Migrating Applications (not just VMs)

    • Database Migration Service (DMS)

    • Database Migration Service (DMS) and Schema Conversion Tool (CST ) - Detailed

    • Database Migration Service (DMS) - Supported Sources and Targets

  • 21

    Course End - Mock Exams

    • Exam Blue Print and What to Expect

    • Requesting 30 Minutes Exam Extra Time


Eissa Abousherif

Founder, Training and Content Development Lead @ DolfinED

A passionate cloud infrastructure architect with 26+ years of experience, holding many industry certificates from top vendors including AWS and Cisco, to name a few. During his career, Eissa led pre-sales and post-sales activities for projects of USD 250M+ in Total Contract Value (TCV) across multiple industry verticals. Eissa brings all his experience and passion for sharing knowledge and enabling others to prosper and reach their goals, which were the seed for DolfinED. Eissa has authored the highest-rated AWS courses on the internet, both at the associate and professional levels. Moreover, he trained 100,000+ learners around the globe both online and in class. Now it is your turn to learn with Eissa and become a Cloud Pro.


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