1. Section Outline

    2. HA and Business Continuity Architecture Considerations on AWS

    3. Fault Tolerance - AMI and EBS

    4. Fault Tolerance - Auto Scaling and ELB

    5. Fault Tolerance - Regions and Availability Zones

    6. Fault Tolerance - S3 and RDS

    7. Introduction to Disaster Recovery (DR) on AWS

    8. DR - Storage Gateway - AWS Import/Export - VM Import/Export

    9. DR - Networking & Database

    10. DR Strategies and Approaches on AWS - Introduction

    11. DR Strategies and Approaches - Backup and Restore

    12. DR Strategy/Approach - Pilot Light

    13. DR Strategy/Approach - Warm Standby

    14. DR Strategy / Approach - Multi Site

    15. Data Replication and Self Healing on AWS

    16. Section Quiz

    17. Scenario Based Question Tutorial 1

    18. Scenario Based Question Tutorial 2

    1. Resource Download

    2. Section Outline

    3. Billing and Cost Management in AWS

    4. Cost Explorer and AWS Budgets

    5. Consolidated Billing

    6. Billing Alerts, SNS notifications, and Billing Scenarios

    7. Tags, Cost Allocation Tags, and Resource Groups

    8. Cost Optimization Strategies on AWS

    9. Cost Optimization on AWS - EC2 Purchase Options

    10. AWS Organizations - Covered Topics

    11. AWS Organizations - Introduction

    12. AWS Organizations - Components

    13. AWS Organizations - Features

    14. AWS Organizations - Feature Sets (Modes of Operations)

    15. Hands-On Lab - AWS Organizations

    16. AWS Organizations - Integration with other AWS Services

    17. AWS Organizations - Best Practice

    18. Section Quiz

    1. CloudFormation - Introduction

    2. CloudFormation - Template Components

    3. CloudFormation- Intrinsic Functions and Resource Attributes

    4. Hands On Labs - Creating a CF Stack, Updating a Stack, and Stack Change Sets

    5. CloudFormation - Sample Templates and Deletion Policy Resource Attribute

    6. CloudFormation - Nested Stacks, Stack Cross Reference, Best Practices, Logging

    7. CloudFormation StackSets

    8. AWS OpsWorks - Introduction

    9. AWS OpsWorks Components - Stacks and Layers

    10. AWS OpsWorks Components - The Instance

    11. AWS OpsWorks - Apps, Resource Management, IP addresses, and IAM

    12. AWS OpsWorks - Integrating Elastic Load Balancers, Monitoring and best practices

    13. Amazon Elastic BeanStalk - Introduction

    14. AWS Elastic Beanstalk - Concepts and Components

    15. AWS Elastic BeanStalk - Web App Containers and Web Server Tier example

    16. AWS Elastic BeanStalk - Custom Platforms and Custom AMIs

    17. AWS Elastic BeanStalk - Docker Containers on EB

    18. AWS Elastic BeanStalk - Integration of EB with S3, EFS, RDS, and DynamoDB

    19. AWS Elastic BeanStalk - Monitoing, Logging and Patterns:Anti-Patterns

    20. AWS CloudWatch - The Why!

    21. Amazon CloudWatch - How it works & Concepts

    22. Amazon CloudWatch Alarms

    23. Hands On Labs - CloudWatch Alarms

    24. CloudWatch Logs - Introduction and Concepts

    25. CloudWatch Logs Insights, CW and CloudTrail, EC2, S3 and ElasticSearch

    26. Hands On Labs - CloudWatch Logs with VPC FlowLogs and CloudWatch Alarms

    27. AWS CloudWatch Logs - CW Agent, Real Time Processing, and Cross Account Logging

    28. AWS CloudWatch Events

    29. Hands On Labs - CloudWatch Events

    30. CloudWatch ServiceLens and Synthetics

    31. Amazon EventBridge

    32. AWS Config

    33. AWS Config - Delivery Options, Rules, and Integration with SNS

    34. AWS Config - Multi Account Multi Region Aggregation , Querying and Monitoring

    35. AWS Service Catalog - How it works and its components

    36. AWS Service Catalog - Scope, Permissions, Constraints & Sharing across accounts

    37. AWS Systems Manager - Introduction

    38. AWS Systems Manager Capabilities - Resource Groups, Insights, Inventory Manager

    39. AWS Systems Manager Capabilities - Actions - Automation & RUN Command

    40. AWS Systems Manager Actions - State, Session, Patch Managers, Distributor

    41. AWS Systems Manager - Shared Resources, Use Cases, and Pricing

    42. AWS Parameter Store

    43. Trusted Advisor

    44. Section Quiz

    45. Scenario Based Question Tutorial

    46. CloudFormation Lab Template

    1. Virtual Private Cloud - VPC Refresher

    2. AWS VPC - Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

    3. AWS VPC - Direct Connect (DX)

    4. AWS VPC - Direct Connect - Routing Deep Dive

    5. AWS Direct Connect - Routing Control using BGP Communities

    6. Hybrid Cloud Connectivity - Route Priority and Traffic forwarding

    7. Hybrid Connectivity Use Cases : Scenarios

    8. AWS Direct Connect Gateway

    9. Direct Connect - Direct Connect Gateway Current Limits

    10. AWS VPC - VPC Peering

    11. AWS VPC - Transit Gateway

    12. AWS VPC- Enhanced Networking & Placement Groups [For High Performance Computing]

    13. AWS EC2 - NAT Instance vs NAT Gateway & Bastion Hosts

    14. AWS EC2 - ENI and Fixed MAC Address - Elastic IP failover techniques

    15. AWS VPC - VPC Endpoints - Gateway Endpoint

    16. AWS VPC - Hands On Lab - Gateway Endpoint

    17. AWS VPC - Interface VPC Endpoint

    18. AWS VPC - Hands-On Lab - Interface Endpoint

    19. AWS VPC - VPC FlowLogs and DHCP Option Sets

    1. ELB Target Groups Listeners and Health Checks

    2. Hands-On Lab : ELB Target Groups

    3. ELB Cross Zone Load Balancing & Subnet Design HA

    4. ELB Security Groups

    5. ELB and SSL Certificates

    6. ELB Client IP Monitoring Scaling and PFS n HoL

    7. Hands-On Lab : ELB & Client IP address

    8. Application Load Balancer : Specific Features

    9. Network Load Balancer : Specific Features & Endpoint Services

    10. Section Quiz

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