Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Course!

    2. Quick Platform Introduction

    3. Resources - Hands-On Labs Code

    1. Resources : Hands-On Lab and Code

    2. Introduction

    3. Software Concepts Critical to Understanding Lambda

    4. Introduction to Serverless

    5. AWS Lambda - Let's get started

    6. Hands-On Lab : Lambda Dashboard Walkthrough

    7. Lambda Execution Environment

    8. Hands-On Lab : Lambda Configuration and Handler

    9. Hands-On Lab : Lambda Pricing

    10. Execution Environment Lifecycle

    11. Lambda Deployment Packages

    12. Hands-On Lab : Lambda .ZIP file archive deployment package

    13. Hands-On Lab : .ZIP file archive with external dependencies

    14. Lambda Layers and Extensions

    15. Hands-On : Lambda Layers

    16. Lambda Triggers

    17. Lambda Permissions - IAM Execution Role & Resource Policy

    18. Lambda Invocation using S3 Event Notification (Asynchronous)

    19. Hands-On Lab : S3 Event Notification & Lambda Permissions

    20. Lambda Poll-based Invocations and Event Source Mapping

    21. Lambda Event Source Mapping and Amazon Kinesis

    22. Hands-On Lab : Lambda Event Source Mapping using SQS Queue as an event source

    23. Connecting Lambda to Private VPC Subnets/Resources

    24. Hands-On Lab : Connecting Lambda functions to VPC resources

    25. Lambda Environment Variables

    26. Hands-On Lab : Lambda Environment Variables

    27. Lambda as a Target to an Application Load Balancer (Synchronous invocations)

    28. Hands-On Lab : Invoking Lambda functions using an ALB

    29. Hands-On Lab : ALB - Lambda and Multi-Value Headers

    30. Lambda Versions and Aliases

    31. Hands-On Lab : Lambda Versions and Aliases

    32. Lambda Scaling and Concurrency

    33. Hands-On Lab : Concurrency

    34. Lambda Error Handling - Function Errors

    35. Lambda Error Handling - Invocation Errors

    36. Lambda Error Handling - Kinesis and SQS

    37. Hands-On Lab : Lambda Destinations

    38. Hands-On Lab : Dead Letter Queues (DLQs)

    39. Lambda Deployment Package - Container Image

    40. Lambda@Edge

    41. AWS Lambda and CloudFormation

    42. Hands-On Lab : Creating Lambda Functions as CloudFormation Resources

    43. Hands-On Lab : Creating Lambda Functions using Cross-Account .ZIP Deployment Package

    44. Lambda Performance Considerations

    45. Lambda Monitoring

    1. Next Steps

    2. Before you go...

About this course

  • 50 lessons
  • 6 hours of video content
  • Intermediate
  • Hands-On Labs
  • Lab Guide


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A passionate cloud and DevOps architect, consultant, content developer, and trainer with 20+ years of IT experience, holding many industry certificates from AWS, Hashicorp, Azure, and Cisco to name a few. During his career, Eissa led consulting, training, Pre and post-sales activities for projects totaling USD250M+ in TCV across multiple industry verticals. Eissa had the privilege of working for IBM, Cisco and Global knowledge in the USA, Canada, and Dubai. Eissa’s passion is focused on enabling enterprises and professionals to prosper and reach their technology adoption goals. Eissa has authored a number of the highest-rated AWS courses on the internet, both at the associate and professional levels. Moreover, he trained 110,000+ learners from 175+ countries many are leading successful Cloud and DevOps careers today.

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