About the course

This course provides a deep dive into AWS Networking services which includes, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), NAT Instances and NAT Gateway, IP Addressing types, Availability Zones, Security Groups, Network Access Control Lists (Network ACLs), Internet Gateway, Virtual Private Gateway, Hybrid Cloud connectivity options, and Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) service. The course is full of hands-on labs for the best learning outcomes.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the course - Introduction

    2. The Course Video Player

    1. Decimal & Binary Numbering 101

    2. TCP IP Addressing 101 - IP address Versions and Structure

    3. IPv4 Address Classes

    4. Hosts in an IPv4 Subnet & Public vs. Private IP addresses

    5. IP Subnetting

    6. OSI vs. TCP IP Model & TCP Packet Anatomy

    7. IP Routing 101

    8. Overlapping IP Addresses & AWS Reserved IP Addresses

    9. Quick Subnets That Can be Used in Practice

    10. Network Address Translation (NAT) and Port Address Translation (PAT)

    1. AWS Global Infrastructure & Creating an AWS Account

    2. AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) - What is it? & VPC Components

    3. VPC Components (cont.)

    4. VPC - Public & Private Subnets & Introduction to Hybrid Connectivity

    5. Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) 101

    6. Hands-On Lab : Connecting to an EC2 Instance using Secure Shell (SSH) from a Mac Laptop

    7. Hands-On Lab : Connecting to an EC2 Instance using SSH from a Windows Laptop using Putty Client

    8. Private, Public, and Elastic IP addresses

    9. Hands-On Lab : AWS IP address Types LAB

    10. Security Groups

    11. Hands-On Lab : Security Groups

    12. Network Address Control Lists (Network ACLs)

    13. Hands-On Lab : Network ACLs

    1. VPC - NAT Instance & NAT Gateway

    2. Hands-On Lab : NAT Instance & NAT Gateway

    3. Bastion Hosts, Proxy Server, and Reverse Proxy Server

    4. Hands-On Lab : Bastion Host

    5. VPC Peering and Transit Gateway

    6. Hands-On Lab : VPC Peering and Transit Gateway

    7. VPC Endpoints

    8. Hands-On Lab : VPC Endpoints

    9. IPv6 Egress-Only Internet Gateway

    10. VPC Flowlogs

    1. Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

    2. Direct Connect & Direct Connect Gateway

    1. High Availability, Fault Tolerance, and Elastic Load Balancing )ELB)

    2. Disaster Recovery (DR) - Introduction

    3. ELB Target Groups, Listeners, and H Check

    4. Hands-On Lab : ELB Target Groups

    5. ELB Cross Zone Load Balancing & Subnet Design for High Availability

    6. ELB Security Groups

    7. ELB and SSL Certificates

    8. Hands-On Lab : ELB Client IP Monitoring Scaling

    9. Hands-On Lab : Client IP

    10. Application Load Balancer (ALB)

    11. Network Load Balancer and Endpoint Services

About this course

  • 61 lessons
  • 7.5 hours of video content
  • Intermediate
  • Hands-On Labs

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