Course curriculum

    1. This Course's Content Access Follows A Drip Schedule

    1. Section Overview

    2. What are Servers?

    3. Datacenter Overview

    1. Section Overview

    2. Introduction to Virtualization

    3. Types of Hypervisors

    1. Section Overview

    2. What is Containerization?

    3. Virtual Machines vs. Containers

    4. Monolith vs. Microservices part 1

    5. Monolith vs. Microservices part 2

    1. Setion Overview

    2. Creating AWS Account

    3. Launching an Ubuntu EC2 Instance in AWS

    4. Free tier

    1. Section Overview

    2. Code Download - Docker Installation Lab

    3. What is Docker?

    4. Docker Architecture

    5. Understanding How Containers Run

    6. Namespaces-Cgroups

    7. Hands-On Lab - Installing Docker


About this course

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  • 69 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content
  • 20+ Hands-On Labs
  • Two Capstone Projects
  • Beginner to Intermediate


Mena Halem

DevOps and Multi Cloud Engineer

Mena is a Multi-Cloud and DevOps professional certified in AWS, Azure, and Kubernetes to name a few. He is so passionate about teaching, and transferring his knowledge, and is a graphic design expert. Mena loves to add lots of graphics and animations and is an expert to break up complex concepts into simple, easy-to-digest ones through his hands-on learning and exercises. Join Mena's courses on DolfinED now and enjoy discovering lots of details about today's hot technologies .