Course curriculum

    1. A message from the Instructor

    2. How to use this course

    3. Hurray! We will run the course labs on a free environment on AWS

    4. Resource Download - Course PDF File

    1. Motivation to Linux : History and present in Numbers

    2. Linux Distributions

    3. Comparison between Linux and Windows

    1. Introduction to virtualization and using an AWS EC2 Virtual Machine to create a free linux lab environment

    2. Create Your Free AWS Account

    3. EC2 instance user data script - required when creating the EC2 instance (next lecture)

    4. Create Your First Linux Virtual Machine (EC2 Instance) On AWS

    5. Add-ons : Use MobaXterm SSH client to connect to your EC2 instance from your local computer

    1. The Linux Terminal, Shell and Bash

    2. Hands-On Lab : Terminal, Shell and Bash

    3. Hands-On Lab : Editing Terminal and Font Color and Size

    4. Linux Command Structure

    5. Hands-On Lab : Linux Command Structure - Some Basic Linux Commands (date, cat, head, tail, cp)

    6. Learn by doing - Section Practice

    7. Learn by doing - Section Practice - Answer Key

    1. Linux File System & Absolute Path & Relative Path

    2. Hands-On Lab : Navigating through files: pwd, cd, ls

    3. Managing Files and Directories

    4. Hands-On Lab : Files and Directories Management

    5. Making links between Files : Hard link and Soft link

    6. Hands-On Lab : Making links between files : ln

    7. File System Hierachy

    8. Learn by doing - Section Practice

    9. Learn by doing - Section Practice - Answer Key

    1. Hands-On Lab - Command Completion Using the Tab Keyboard Key

    2. Up/Down Keyboard Arrow Keys & The Linux history Command

    3. Getting Help : The Man command

    4. Hands-On Lab : Using Man and navigating through manual

    5. Hands-On Lab : Man -k and man-pages : how to look for a certain command?

    6. Learn by doing - Section Practice

    7. Learn by doing - Section Practice - Answer Key

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