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How does the affiliate program work?

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Are you an active social media type of person? Are you active on Cloud computing and IT blogs and forums? Are you collaborating with other professionals in on-line study groups? Do you have a good people network?

Here is an opportunity for you to make a recurring and ongoing passive income.

Here is how, become a DolfinED affiliate, and you'll receive at least 20% (or more depending on the sales volume) of all revenue from any new student you send to DolfinED for as long as they are active paying users on


It's incredibly easy to get started; create a free account here on and then email us at to let us know you decided to become an Affiliate. Within a few days, we will enable your account as an affiliate so that you'll have access to the "Affiliate section" of this website, where you can find your unique 6-digit affiliate code and unique referral links. 

Post those links on your social media accounts, blogs, and forums you usually visit and share them with your contacts and extended network. When any of these contacts uses one of those links to visit for the first time, they become connected to your affiliate account. If they create an account on within 30 days of that first visit, that connection becomes permanent, and all subscriptions and purchases they make will count towards your earnings. 

If, for example, one of your referred contacts joins the Silver Zero-to-Pro program annual subscription ($389 value), you get a $78. affiliate payment; the more they buy, the higher your commission is. It is this simple.


We offer a collection of free courses on DolfinED's website. Once you become an affiliate, it is easy to share your affiliate's unique links to these free courses. These unique links can be found on the "Your Affiliate Links" page. 

For most people, the most useful free course will be  Cloud and TCP/IP Pre-requisite KnowledgeThe link will look something like this:

The only difference is, instead of "abd05f" it will have your unique 6-character affiliate code.

If you share this link and someone uses it for their first visit to, and he/she creates a free account to sign up for this free course, they will become associated with your affiliate account. If they make any purchases in the future, you will earn your assigned % of the revenue.

All of our free courses have been designed to provide highly sought-after knowledge, encourage people to browse our Learning Library, and motivate them to enroll in paid content.


A Paypal account is required for pay-outs which are \made via PayPal quarterly. Payouts happen at the beginning of January, April, July & October. Pay-outs include revenue from all payments that are at least 7 days old, which allows customers to request a full refund after they purchase a product.  

Pay-outs will be sent, via PayPal, to the email address associated with your account, unless you inform us otherwise.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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