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“Great course. I love the way it is designed, delivered. I learned a lot.”

Iftekhar A.

“The best trainer and the best training material! Great job!”

Dawit K.

“Very good course. I really like it and will definitely keep learning with DolfinED.”

Meerim O.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Program Questions and Answers

  • Is it worth it to invest time and effort in this program?

    Absolutely, yes. Check online salary surveys around the average salaries for DevOps engineers and cloud engineers, and architects. Find the number of available jobs in your country or countries you are open to migrating to. It easy to verify that there is considerable demand and pay is good too. Investing your effort in these skills is a suitable investment and step if you aspire to a cloud or DevOps career.

  • Why pay for this program? Why not study on my own?

    A structured program where every piece of content is carefully designed for the best and fastest results will help you save time and effort. Learning in a group through the program's communities will inspire and motivate you. Being coached and taught by expert instructors with long years of real-life experience will ensure the best understanding. Some packages include live instruction, live Q&A sessions, and Interview guidance which will help you during the interview process.

  • Why not use individual courses from cheaper sources ?

    This program is structured in a scaffolding approach where all modules and courses are carefully designed to be inter-linked. This will provide a real-life education and will ensure the maximum and best outcomes. This program is planned to have 30-35 courses at the start. More will be added as time goes; how much would it cost to acquire individual courses from cheaper sources with different qualities, each designed separately without inter-linking in mind. Add to that the learning path/roadmap, which saves you time and effort to figure out the next learning steps. Moreover, there is no sense of community in individual courses; each one learns by himself/herself. This program has vibrant communities with instructors responding and students collaborating. How is that from a value perspective? To save time, effort, and confusion, and enroll in a program designed for your success. Therefore, we can’t compare the two when the best outcomes are kept in mind.

  • The program is expensive, I can't afford it, what can I do?

    The program considered that. We have two payment methods, a one-time payment for 12 months. Or a monthly payment that is affordable according to the incomes of low average income countries. The program also comes in Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages to ensure we accommodate all learning needs and budgets. We are confident that at least one of these packages and payment options must be very affordable to most countries if not all. Moreover, please consider the potential benefits once a candidate completes the program.

  • What if I am unhappy?

    We will never want you to be unhappy! All the program packages and payment options come with seven days free trial. This means you will not be charged in the first seven days. During the seven days, you can check the published content, take a peek at the outlines of the content that is not published yet, or a drip schedule (content that will be made available in chunks according to the learning path, to ensure you are not overwhelmed), and make your mind. You can also opt to go for the monthly plan, so you can decide anytime to drop if you cannot continue or have an emergency. There are many ways to ensure that you can accommodate all options.

  • How can I ensure content quality for the content that is not yet published or is drip schedule-based?

    DolfinED is in business to help educate and change/transform lives through learning. DolfinED's content has achieved the highest rating from tens of thousands of students worldwide; there is no reason to compromise on the reputation that has taken us many years to establish. We have launched this program to be of better help end-to-end during our student’s career transformation journey. The same scaffolding approach, inter-linking the different modules and courses to ensure a broader, real-life like, student experience.

  • Which package should I go for?

    All the packages will have the same on-demand content, quizzes, practice exams, and learning path and roadmap. The main difference is in the live Q&A sessions, live exam review sessions, and interview guidance and technical support. You know yourself best and your learning habits (can study alone, need advice, need to work in a group, ...etc.), and you are the best to judge. From our side, we can say that the Silver package is the popular package, but again, suit yourself.

  • Can I do the program while working on a daily job?

    Absolutely! This program is designed knowing that you are busy and have a life to manage. It is entirely self-paced, except when live sessions are scheduled if your package has that. The program expects you to put in an average of two focused study hours per day. Or an average of 15 hours per week. This is if you plan to finish the program in 12 months or less. You can do more or less according to your other commitments.

  • How do I benefit the most out of this program?

  • How long do I need to be ready to start applying for jobs?

    The program recommended duration for completion is 9-12 months. It all depends on your effort, consistency, and attention to program details and recommendations. We believe you can start testing the water and apply for jobs halfway through the program in 6 months. However, it needs to be understood that the best job experience will be after the program completion.

  • What are the program pre-requisites?

    Basic IT and Computer knowledge is required. Ability to operate a computer, some skills with MS Office products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or the equivalent products from Apple or Google. More importantly, hunger to learn and commitment to continue the program could be a 12-month study to complete the entire roadmap. It is highly recommended to go for the Gold package if you do not have any prior IT knowledge.

  • If I opt for the cheaper package, the bronze, what will I be missing?

    Students chose their packages according to their needs and budgets. All packages are self-paced. The primary learning activities will be driven by the student using all the program content, quizzes, exercises, practice exams, and else. Bronze lacks primarily the live sessions and the exclusive communities' access. However, Bronze has all that it takes to finish the required exams, certificates and be ready as a MultiCloud DevOps professional. We highly recommend the Silver package though; however, we understand the different students' learning styles.

  • Can I get help in the interview process?

    If you opt for the Gold package, you will have access to the group interview guidance and technical support during the interview process.

  • Does this program promise job placement or guarantee income level during or after the program?

    Absolutely NOT! We do not make any such promises. However, based on published industry job and salary surveys, Cloud and DevOps skills are in extremely high demand. One can definitely maximize his/her chances by learning using a structured and very well-designed program. Therefore, we do the best we can in designing every single module to teach you these skills in the shortest time. It is then up to each student to invest the right time and effort to acquire the best skill level using this program. When the time comes for interviews, then again it is how well the students can represent themselves before employers during the interviews to convince employers to make positive hiring decisions. Therefore, any earnings mentioned or posted on a public website are not representative of the average participants. The average participant will earn significantly less or no money at all through this program.

  • How long does the program support continue for?

    This program is a 12 months commitment/subscription. We will ensure that you have access to any support you are entitled to for these 12 months, or should you opt to extend your subscription.

  • What happens if I do not finish in 12 months?

    The more consistent you are in your effort, it is absolutely doable to finish even before 12 months. However, we understand you may be distracted due to other commitments. Since the program is self-paced, in case you are not done in 12 months, you will have the option to renew for another year, or change to monthly program commitments whichever will make more sense to you.

  • What happens after I finish the program?

    You will be ready to apply widely for jobs. And you will be aware of further program development or advanced levels launched, you will be more than welcome to opt for enrollment in any of the then-available advanced programs.

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